Understanding DealSquare

Accessing DealSquare

As a dealer, how can I get connected to the platform?

As an investment advisor, how can I become a registered user?

I am a capital raiser, how do I post a private placement offering on DealSquare?

I'm running non-brokered private placements. How can I make them available on DealSquare?

Can institutional investors have access to the platform?

Can investors directly access the platform?

How do I get notified about new deals posted on DealSquare?

Can I still raise capital through other channels if I post a deal on the platform?

How long does it take to get a deal posted on DealSquare?

What types of private placements does the platform support?

About DealSquare

What is DealSquare?

Why did you make DealSquare?

Who is DealSquare built for / what challenges are you tackling?